Sellers’ Advantages to Having a Pre-listing Home Inspection:

  1. Provide full disclosure to prospective buyers in order to prevent any claims that the seller knew of a problem and failed to disclose it.
  2. List your home at an appropriate price that takes into account the condition of all of its inspected components.
  3. Prevent lower-priced offers by repairing any deficient components or safety issues, or by pricing the home with those issues incorporated into the listing price.
  4. Contact qualified contractors for quotes on any repairs that are warranted by the findings of the pre-listing inspection, and supplying those quotes to prospective buyers.
  5. Negotiate easier with buyers by knowing ahead of time what issues will arise, and what the repairs will cost.


The roof covering is at the end of its useful life, and will subsequently show up on a buyer’s inspection report. The seller could: 1 – have the roof replaced, 2 – discount the listing price of the home knowing the roof needs replacement, or 3 – get written bids on the cost of the replacement of the roof to better negotiate with the buyers.

Pre-Listing inspection from  INSPECT, INC. can help prioritize improvements for increased market value, offer advice on how to handle repairs, identify potential or undiscovered defects before they become material for contract contingencies, and prevent re-negotiations due to unanticipated problems.