Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime.  Making sure it is safe for you and your family is the most important reason for having a home inspection.   We help you assess a home’s condition, discovering problem areas while meticulously inspecting the entire structure – roof, foundation, walls, floor, ceilings, plumbing, electrical, HVAC systems, built-in appliances, fireplaces, and a whole lot more.

Many home owners find themselves suffering from buyer’s remorse after moving in and finding serious flaws in their new home. Some people simply did not hire a home inspector.  Others, in an effort to save money, may have used an inexpensive and/or unqualified home inspector who also lacked the knowledge, proper training, and years of experience it takes to perform a professional home inspection.  Often, people acquire the services of a friend or acquaintance who they believe possesses enough construction knowledge to perform an adequate inspection.  However, being a general contractor, plumber, electrician, roofer, or structural engineer does not constitute a home inspector.

A qualified inspector must not only be completely educated in all aspects of a home’s components, but must continue to educate themselves about new construction techniques, new products, and new standards.  In short, you should hire the most experienced inspector you can find.

At INSPECT, INC.. we insist that all of our inspectors be full-time, professionally trained, state-licensed, and members of The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), and ASHI – Great Lakes Chapter.  ASHI is recognized as the leading national authority in the home inspection field and has established a set of strict standards guiding home inspections.  Under ASHI guidelines our inspectors complete 20, or more, hours of continuing education every year, increasing their knowledge and keeping them up to date on changes in home construction.  The Standards of Practice are continually being reviewed and updated when needed.  We also subscribe to the ASHI Code of Ethics.

Michael Doetsch, owner and inspector at INSPECT, INC, has performed over 11,000 inspections during his 25 years of experience and is a Certified Inspector through ASHI.  All company inspectors have been, and always will be, held to the same high professional standards.

Our company has always been a family-oriented, privately-owned business dedicated to providing excellent service through personal relationships. Our inspectors take the time to walk you through your new home and to explain how the different systems operate. We point out any items which need or will need attention in the future and the average life expectancy of those components.  While moving through the inspection we are happy to answer all of your questions, which helps make you an informed home owner and preserve your home’s integrity.

Most importantly, we truly love our work.  We care about you, our clients, and take true pleasure in helping families achieve the American dream of owning their own home