Our home inspection report is our own design and is concise, thorough and easily understood by the home buyer. This report is constantly being reviewed and upgraded where needed and as needed. The inspection report includes a comprehensive check of all of the major systems in the home, and much more.

Since we use an electronic reporting system, the report can be accessed online for you to review at your earliest convenience.

Here is a sampling of what the inspection report covers:

A. The Roof System
Inspected inside and out for water damage, structural integrity, condition of flashing and signs of previous leakage.

B. The Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems
Activated and inspected to determine their safety and condition as well as circulation and carbon monoxide leakage.

C. The Interior Surfaces
A room-by-room inspection checks windows, doors and the general condition of walls, bath tile, ceilings and floors.

D. The Structure
Including the foundation (inside and out), joists and support beams are examined for structural integrity and evidence of past or present damage.

E. The Plumbing System
Functional water flow and drainage is evaluated as is the overall condition of visible water and waste lines, faucets, fixtures and the domestic water heater.

F. The Electrical System
Checked to determine the size of incoming amperage, condition of the wiring and proper size relative to fuse or breaker size. Outlets are checked for polarity and grounding.

G. The Exterior Surfaces
Examined to determine overall condition, including grading, sidewalks and drives.

H. Built-In Appliances
Examined, checked, evaluated and reviewed.


Sample reports