Mike was truly a pleasure to work with, and I knew he was going to be my guy from the moment I talked to him over the phone. I was dealing with a nightmare foreclosure, but Mike was very patient and even offered me valuable tips along the way. Because the bank took forever to respond to anything, we had to wait for the property to be de-winterized before he could start his inspection. With last minute notice of them finally de-winterizing the property, he worked around his schedule and really made an effort to fit me in his already busy work week. I was amazed that he went out of his way to do that for me! You could just tell that he is an honest professional, with an exceptional work ethic who just wants to help his clients in any way he can. When he came out for the inspection, he took his time and went through every inch of the property. He had no problem with me joining him on the inspection and answered any questions I had with ease. I received an email the very next day with a detailed report along with pictures of all the areas that were a concern to him, and he made sure to remind me if I had any questions at all please do not hesitate to reach out to him. Yelpers did not disappoint. I would give him 10 stars if I could!

Julie M., Yelp


I would recommend Inspect, Inc.  Mike was professional and knowledgeable. He took the time to answer my questions even after he completed the inspection.  The report was thorough and made me a more informed buyer.  As with any home, he found some issues, but that’s his job.  All and all I’m glad I hired Mike to do the inspection and would hire him again if needed.

Luke H., Yelp


We had to use Mike’s services twice in the last couple months. After his detailed inspection of the first house, we were lucky to avoid the headache that was sure to come. When we found the next house I was sure to reach out to Mike right away to secure an appointment. As a first time home buyer I appreciate his detailed reports and pictures. I would definitely recommend him.

Heather S., Yelp


Michael is extremely thorough and elaborate with his inspection of the home. He took the time to explain everything about the house to myself and my husband the good and the bad. His report came out the very next morning less than 12 hours and it was 40 pages with pictures and detailed descriptions of everything that needed, might need, and acceptable condition. He is prompt, and when I followed up with questions on the phone, he took the time to go through them all. I can tell he really cares about his work. This was incredibly valuable when negotiating with the sellers and we were able to obtain a credit! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Lauren B., Yelp


Mike was great! Originally found him here on yelp and read through his reviews. When I decided to call him he was very responsive and was able to accommodate our needs. During the inspection Mike was extremely thorough and continually updated us throughout the inspection. His reports are extremely comprehensive and breaks down the inspection nicely. When I received the report the next day and had questions he immediately called me back and was happy to help. He gave us peace of mind when buying our new home. Strongly recommend. Thanks Mike!

Justin P., Yelp


Having worked with many inspectors, I can say that Mike at Inspect is one of the best. Not only does Mike thoroughly inspect for any issues, he also provides suggestions to the home buyer about maintenance tasks that will extend the life of the components of the home. You get more than just a report, you get an education about your future home. Mike is very honest and fair with his reporting, telling it ‘like it is’ rather than trying to sugar coat it, or to the opposite end, exaggerating a minor issue. Mike acts in the best interest of his client. Our mutual clients have been very pleased with his inspections and knowledge of the many different topics covered under the home inspection. I highly recommend Mike at Inspect for your home inspection needs. 

– Tammy Hufford, Real Estate Broker


If given any opportunity whatsoever, I always recommend Mike Doetsch of Inspect Inc. as the go-to home inspector! Mike has vast experience as well as current knowledge of all home inspection issues, is very friendly, easy to talk to, articulate, neatly dressed, carries all of his own very organized equipment and is always on time! Mike’s reports are all encompassing yet concise and well documented. If years after an inspection a client wants to reference an inspection, Mike has the ability to access the information within minutes. He is terrific and I have files of clients who happily have been well served by his expertise.

Thank you, Mike!

– Cindie Welsh Patterson, RE/MAX


I was very impressed with Mike’s professionalism, thoroughness and the comprehensive PDF report.  He pointed out to me an ASAP situation that was fixed that same afternoon.  Having experience, in the past, with other home inspectors, HANDS-DOWN, I would readily refer Mike Doetsch, Inspect Inc. to other home owners and realtors.

MarBaer R., September 3, 2016, Yelp


Mike is friendly, thorough, and extremely knowledgable. He has done 2 inspections for us, and although we don’t anticipate requiring another for a long time, we wouldn’t hesitate to go back to him if the need arises, or to refer him to any prospective buyers.

Ken C., August 29, 2016, Yelp


Mike was wonderful! I am extremely satisfied with our home inspection. He arrived right on time, he performed a very thorough inspection, and most of all he was professional. He took his time, always stopping to answer any questions or concerns that I had. I would recommend him to my friends and family members.

Jessica R., July 15, 2016, Yelp


Mike was great. I was incredibly impressed with his professionalism, thoroughness, and accuracy. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mike to friends or utilize his services again in the future. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and experienced and explains everything in detail. A+!!

Casey S., June 16, 2016, Yelp


I used Mike twice. The first house i had him inspect, he pointed out some costly repairs and some safety concerns that i did not notice during the showings. For the second property he was just as detailed as the first time. He encourages you to walk with him to see what he sees and explains what he is looking for every step of the way … He did a great job and really took time to make sure I was comfortable in what he was explaining. I highly recommend him!

Matt H., April 21, 2016, Yelp


We called Mike at the recommendation of a friend and COULDN’T BE HAPPIER.  Mike left nothing to chance.  He looked at every single little thing and used the inspection as an opportunity to teach my husband and I not only the things in the house that we needed to be careful about but the things that we needed to know about relative to regular home maintenance which is EXACTLY what we were hoping would happen.  He was the best mixture of informative and kind and I couldn’t be happier with our choice in an inspector.  I will shout from our new rooftop that we chose wisely and tell everyone that I know that is looking for an inspector — please call Inspect, Inc.  You will not be disappointed!

Love Ann D., May 6, 2016, Yelp


(Mike) arrived at the Home Inspection on time and got right to work. We were impressed with the very thorough inspection he did and especially appreciated Mike’s suggestions for improvement and helpful tips he gave us. I would definitely recommend him!

Jessica S., April 29, 2016, Yelp


(Mike) arrived on time & got to work quickly. He inspected the property & gave me some tips along the way such as getting a FOIA from the village … Report included lots of information & photos with arrows pointing to the details. All the contractors I worked with were very impressed with the report. I was very happy I chose him. Mike is a very experienced, knowledgeable professional.

Katie G., April 4, 2016, Yelp


Mike’s report was digitally available and it was extremely easy to read and he took lots of pictures that showed up on the report in color and with arrows indicating the topic of concern. The summary at the end of the report also made it easy for me and my attorney to go through the report. Inspections can be nerve-racking and I feel that waiting for Mike to be available was worth the time and I consider using Inspect Inc. an investment and well worth the money.  I would use Mike again and I would certainly recommend him to my friends and family.

Bryan R., March 5, 2016, Yelp


I found Mike on Yelp and could not be happier with my decision to hire him.  He fit us into his schedule at the time that worked for us and showed up with a truck full of tools. He was friendly and more informative than I expected an inspector to be. He spent over 3 hours going through every nook in our new home. Every pipe, wire, crack, and appliance was thoroughly inspected and explained. Mike told us the expected lifetime of items that we would need repaired and what to budget for, such as the water heater, window seals, and water softener.  I would recommend Mike to anyone who is looking for a smart inspector who will be kind and take the time to explain exactly what he is looking for.

Julia B., June 10, 2015, Yelp

We hired Mike based on his extensive experience in the field and it really paid off.  He was very thorough during the inspection and took the time to explain things to me to make sure I understood both the problem and best solution.   The final report we received was just as detailed with pictures, notes, and recommendations that helped us to make an informed decision.  If you are looking for a true professional in home inspection look no further.  Call Mike today!

Joe A., October 4, 2015, Yelp


I can’t recommend Mike enough!  From the moment we first contacted him he helped us in every way possible.  When we arrived at the property Mike was already on the roof fully inspecting that area.  He was VERY thorough and inspected every nook and cranny in the house.  He answered each of our many questions in great detail.  he also went over every issue the house had with us and explained what was mandatory to fix and what we should keep an eye out for in the future.  As being a first time home buyer we had a lot of uncertainties and anxiety going into this whole process and Mike helped alleviate these concerns.  We had an interesting situation because the house has a geothermal system, solar thermal and solar panels, which Mike had limited experience with but he went out of his way to get us in contact with an alternative energy specialist.  At the end of the inspeciton he made sure that all of our questions had been answered and he made himself available if any other question came up in the future.  We received our detailed report only a few hours after the inspection.  A home inspection is one of the most important parts of the home buying process, and the best decision you can make is to choose Mike as your inspector.

– Jennifer S., April 14, 2015, Angie’s List


Mike rocks.  I have been a real estate broker for almost 15 years.  In that time, Mike is the best I’ve seen.  He under promises and over delivers.  He inspected a home that I am buying and spent a good 3+ hours looking at every nook ‘n cranny.  As a result, I achieved repairs/credits from the seller that I would not have gotten on my own.  

Then I recommended him to my brother that is buying and selling.  He found a good $15,000 worth of safety and habitability items to work on with the seller.  After a 4+ hour inspection, he went and inspected my brothers house for another 3+hrs to find key items to be corrected before we put his house on the market.

Mike is the real deal.  He is smart, friendly and affordable.  If I would recommend to my brother, I’d recommend Mike to anybody.  He is not an expense, his services are an investment.  You will get a nice ROI when you chose Mike from Inspect.

– Mike B., April 7, 2015, Yelp


Mike is very knowledgeable and professional. He arrived at the place before the committed meeting time and [was] already up on the roof and started the roof inspection when we got there. He answered any questions we had during the process and followed up with us to see if we have any questions after he sent the report. The report he provided is very easy to understand. We would hire him again if we purchase another house in the future.

– Beng K., November 10, 2014, Angie’s List



We had a really good experience with Mike. He was really good with fitting us in last minute. He was able to do his job fast and accordingly. We’ll definitely be using him again.

– Diana M., December 11, 2014, Yelp


Mike got there early and started looking at the outside of the place. and already had information for us by the time we got there.  He went through each detail of the house and explained/recommended what he would do.  He did a very good job and knew all the answers to any question that I had.  After the inspection, I got a full detailed report about everything we went through at the house.  Mike did a fantastic job at a good price.  I would recommend him to anyone.

– Sebastian K., November 8, 2014, Angie’s List

We were so happy with our home inspection from Mike. He was very easy to work with for scheduling, even willing to do the inspection on a Saturday morning if we had requested it. He was prompt to return calls, and showed up early for the inspection.

Mike spent about three hours going around and through the house with us, pointing out and explaining each and every thing he saw. He was up on the roof, in all the attic and crawl spaces, etc. He performed a lot of checks that I didn’t expect (like running all the water faucets on the second floor at the same time). He was patient with our questions, and answered them completely. He found several issues that we will be negotiating with the sellers, and his report arrived quickly and was very detailed.

I would recommend Mike to anyone looking to purchase a home!


– Rachel W, September 29, 2014, Yelp

I have been referring my buyer and seller clients to Inspect Incorporated with confidence for over fifteen years and they are always impressed with the quality of the inspection. Mike takes time to explain things in easy to understand terms as he and the client move through the inspection together. His friendly, relaxed style puts the client at ease. He is a true professional who clearly knows his business. Mike always makes me look good for recommending him!        

– Bob Dohn, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage


We recently used Inspect, Inc for our home inspection in Buffalo Grove, IL. Mike is very professional right from the beginning, he patiently explained all my questions before the inspection. He was at the inspection site before me and I am very satisfied with his recommendations. I am impressed by Mike’s attention to detail and he made sure that I understood the most important things pertaining to the home. I would certainly recommend Mike and inspect, Inc to anyone looking on closing in a home.

– Uday M., October 20, 2014, Yelp

Thorough, friendly, knowledgeable, open-to-questions, and believable are just some of the traits Mike displayed during my home inspection. 

Purchasing a new home has a lot of potential upside and a chance for hidden issues. Over the course of 2 hours, Mike and I thoroughly checked out our future place and he explained each thing he was looking for/at. 

Right away, he told me to ask any question that came to mind (and I love to ask questions). 

His demeanor and attentiveness helped put my mind at ease as we went room-to-room. 
It’s not everyday that I need a home inspector, but if I need another I’ll be sure to look Mike up.

– Mark F., May 28, 2014, Yelp

Mike from Inspect, Inc provided a home inspection on our first home purchase. He did a great job of explaining everything to us, telling us what was important to do immediately, and what we can work on in the future. He was patient and walked us through everything. He was very fair to us and the previous home owners.

–  Matthew Krumm, April 22, 2014, Angie’s List


Mike responded immediately. He had done the inspection of my house at the time of purchase. This is a 50+ year old house, and we recently discovered cracked rafters in the attic. Before hiring a contractor to repair attic rafters and replace roof, I wanted a professional to inspect the damages and assist in hiring a contractor. Mike did all we asked, reviewed all bids we had received, told us what we must look for in the bids, suggested best bid for what we wanted. Could not have asked for more professional advice and courteous manner.

– Marie Miller, January 9, 2014, Angie’s List


Mike is a very knowledgeable, thorough, professional home inspector. We have recommended Mike to multiple  buyers and they were all pleased with the inspections he preformed for them. One of the things we like most is, he explains everything, in easy to understand language. You can follow him around and ask any question. He takes the time to explain and answer everyone’s questions.

We highly recommend him to all of our clients.

The Meehan Family
Heidi, William and Bill Meehan Brokers


I found Mike from Angie’s list because he is close to the house needs to be inspected. I am lucky that I hired him.

The house I wanted to buy is old and complicated with some devices such as well water conditioner system, whole house fan that I have never heard of or used before. The inspection took 3 hours to finish.

Mike is very thorough and knowledgeable. He checked the house construction and functionality carefully, and answered all my questions such as how to use a device, how to maintain, which company to call if I need to fix something, how much it cost to update something, etc. I feel that anything related with house, he must know the answer. After the inspection, he also made recommendation to us about items we need to fix before move in, items we can wait later, items that if we fix them together we can save money.

The second day after inspection I received a follow up call from Mike. He wanted to check if I have further questions after reading the inspection report. He then send me a email with written answers to my questions so I can copy and past the text to my attorney.

We are very happy with the inspection. We will surely recommend Mike to our friends. Our buyer agent is also impressed by Mike, she believes Mike is the best house inspector she knows so far.

 – Jingjing Li, August 9, 2013, Angie’s List


Mike performed a home inspection on a house we are in the process of purchasing. He was very thorough and knowledgeable. The house had a lot of questionable things going on but he was able walk us through the steps we need to take to fix the problems. He arrived early and took his time inspecting the home to m ake sure every area was covered.

We also used him when we had a rental property under contract. He found some major structural problems with the home and we ended up walking away from the transaction. He saved us a lot of potential headaches. We would definitely use him again.

– Marisa Todd, January 2, 2013, Angie’s List


Mike was referred to us by our real estate agent whom I also found on Angie’s list. I loved my agent, so we trusted she would give us a good referral and am so happy she led us to Mike at Inspect. Mike was able to detect severe roof and foundation damage to two homes I put offers in on- damage we would never have known was there- SO thankful we had him! Finally we did find a structurally sound home on our third try and are very excited about our new home- knowing it needs some repairs but won’t cost a fortune. In addition to helping us make an an educated home purchase, Mike was also just generally excellent to work with. He was always on time, always extremely thorough and happy to take us through each part of the inspection to show us what he was looking at and whether he saw issues. We will definitely be using him for any inspections needed in the future, I recommend him highly!

– Dan Grage, December 21, 2013, Angie’s List


Mike answered our call and met us at the property the next day for the inspection. He came early to the appointment and got to work right away. He went to each section of the house from exterior to interior and was very detailed. He explained things as we went thru the inspection. We would definitely recommend him to others as well as use him in the future.

– Gulam Khalfan, December 30, 2013, Angie’s List